Who is Harms ?

So who is Harms?

Let’s start with a first founding paradox of our work: in French, Harms is Kharms. Harms was the name retained as French transliteration by the first translations. By habit, we took it, with Raphael Almosni, to designate the author then, by extension and metonymy, his work.

In reality Kharms would be more accurate. But … for an author who had so many pseudonyms, in the manner of Pessoa, what does this accuracy matter?

After all, Harms, who is also Kharms, was born Даниил Иванович Ювачев (Daniil Ivanovich Yuvachev), but he chose to sign his texts:

Charms, Khharms or Khaarms, Horms, Chardam, Dandan, Garms, Khorms, Smouchko, Shusterling …

And this name, “Harms,” ​​in its way renders something of the author’s virulence. That’s why we finally kept it to designate the project itself.